Tuesday, February 8, 2011

green skin


1) Recognition of the “natural” fake of the place (polder developed on the lake)

2) Development of a strategy heterotopic, tentacular, uncertain, organic.

3) Scenarios of confusion between various natures - built natures (facade in hydro-aeroponiques, biodynamic green hairs) and urban, spontaneous, haunted natures, in order to generate a hybrid landscape, non-identifiable.

4) Using the photosynthesis of all green façades to recycle and clean waste water.

5) Introduction of this knotty geometry into indoor morphology of the exhibition rooms. A place where perdition, looseness is plausible, where the tangled up ambulation becomes the support of a collection which is not it less. Complexity is a tool of reprogramming and deprogramming, folding and unfolding.

6) Individual positioning by portable GPS, coupled to an informational PAD. The visitor use this i-compass to move and get more details (sound and video) on each art piece.

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